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Taking a stand: Our response to the invasion of Ukraine

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago, the Russian armed forces invaded the soverign country of Ukraine. At this point, about two million people (mostly women and children) have been forced to flee. Many others have been killed or injured.
We normally try to remain neutral with regards to political issues. However, after some serious discussion, Bookwyrm's Backshelf have decided to take a stand in this case, supporting the people of Ukraine against this barbaric action by Russia.
To that end, on our eBay Store we are donating 10% of our sales to Mercy Corps, a well-established, highly rated charity helping people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries. This applies to ALL OF OUR ITEMS.
Further, on certain items we will donate ALL (100%) of our proceeds. This includes all of the (very few) Russian-language books we have, as well as selected items pertaining to Russia or Ukraine.
It's a small step, a drop in the bucket compared to the needs of the Ukrainian people. We hope we can inspire others to take a stand and do something (small or large). Enough drops in the bucket will fill it up.