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Taking a stand Update: World Central Kitchen

Hello. As some sharp-eyed customers may have noticed, we have shifted our eBay Charity settings. We are now sending our donations to World Central Kitchen, a charity started by celebrity chef Jose Andres to use food to assist in times of crisis. They have provided over 25 million meals to Ukranians, both inside the country and refugees. They also provide culinary training and support for food suppliers in need.
There are so many organizations helping in this crisis, we thought it would be a good idea to periodically shift the charities we are supporting, to "spread the wealth". We have a handful of top-rated charities we have selected, but if you have any suggestions about organizations we can give to, feel free to reply to this message.

Taking a stand: Our response to the invasion of Ukraine

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago, the Russian armed forces invaded the soverign country of Ukraine. At this point, about two million people (mostly women and children) have been forced to flee. Many others have been killed or injured.
We normally try to remain neutral with regards to political issues. However, after some serious discussion, Bookwyrm's Backshelf have decided to take a stand in this case, supporting the people of Ukraine against this barbaric action by Russia.
To that end, on our eBay Store we are donating 10% of our sales to Mercy Corps, a well-established, highly rated charity helping people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries. This applies to ALL OF OUR ITEMS.
Further, on certain items we will donate ALL (100%) of our proceeds. This includes all of the (very few) Russian-language books we have, as well as selected items pertaining to Russia or Ukraine.
It's a small step, a drop in the bucket compared to the needs of the Ukrainian people. We hope we can inspire others to take a stand and do something (small or large). Enough drops in the bucket will fill it up.

Rising prices? Not here!

We know people are concerned about the economy lately, especially with COVID-19 still around. That's why we have decided to do an across-the-board price reduction. That's right, everything we have listed is now cheaper! This isn't a limited promotion, either. These are the prices.

If that's not enough, we have also started distributing coupons in our shipped packages, and for watchers on eBay. Look for the coupons either on the back of the packing slip, or in your email. Now the coupons ARE for a limited time, so if you like anything you see on the site, get it while you can.

A couple of limitations on the coupons:
1) They are, as stated, for a limited time only (about two weeks).
2) They are for your next purchase of the same type of item you ordered, or on the specific item you are watching.
3) We are not giving coupons for certain types of items (for example, cards). Our margins on these items are just too small to afford it.

We hope you enjoy these methods of saving you money.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to contact us.


Adult Item closeout sale!

Hi, folks!
Because of eBay's recent decision to restrict items with sexual content, we are selling off all our remaining adult items. For the next month or so, all Adult Only items we have are 20% off!
Get them fast, because after June 15, all Adult Only items will be removed, permanently.
NOTE: Adult item on eBay are not allowed to have sales promotions, so we are simply lowering the regular prices by 20%.
As usual, if you have any questions about this, contact us and we will do our best to answer.

eBay: Shipping Discounts and Challenges

Hi, everybody!

This should be the place where we give you more information about who we are and what we are doing (and why you should care). Maybe we'll do that next time. Now, however, we need to talk about shipping on eBay.

First, let me say this: Yes, we combine shipping, on eBay and on all other sites we sell on. We do this so we can pass on the cost savings to you. In fact, if you spend more than $40 on an order, then standard shipping is FREE!

Now, the US Postal Service is raising its rates, so, unfortunately, we have to raise ours. We take care to charge as little as possible for shipping, while still covering our costs. So that's one thing we have been doing: changing our flat shipping rates to conform to the new USPS rates.

We have also been exploring ways to save on shipping. We briefly flirted with the idea of offering free shipping, but realized pretty quickly that would remove our ability to combine shipments to save money. Then we tried to figure out how much more it would cost us to ship a (bigger) package with two or more items in it, and came up with a number. Originally that was $0.50, then realized it was closer to $0.60. However, that doesn't cover many of the possible combinations. Therefore, we are dropping that.

If you want to combine shipping on two or more items you are buying from us on eBay, here's how:
1) Use the "Add to Cart" button (DO NOT use "Buy Now"!)
2) Do that with every item, then use the "Request Total" option.
3) We will then send you an invoice with a (reduced) shipping cost.
4) Pay the invoice, then we ship the item.

Now, for various technical reasons, the procedure described above doesn't work for some people. If that's the case for you, and you still want to combine shipping, please SEND US A MESSAGE, _BEFORE_ YOU BUY ANYTHING! Tell us what items you want to buy and combine. We'll then make arrangements for you to buy the combined items in a single lot, for the (lower) combined shipping.

One more note on combining shipping: We usually use Media Mail to ship our books, since it is significantly cheaper. However, the USPS has strict rules on what can and cannot be shipped that way. In particular, magazines CANNOT be shipped via Media Mail. Unfortunately, that means if your combined lot contains a magazine, Media Mail is NOT available as a shipping option.

In the course of trying to change the prices, we tried to use a "shortcut" method that eBay provided. Boy, was that a mistake! Instead of making things go faster, it fouled up many of our listing, specifically the shipping prices. We are in the process of fixing those, but that will take a couple more weeks. In the meantime, if you have a question on shipping (or on anything else), please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.