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Taking a stand Update: World Central Kitchen

Hello. As some sharp-eyed customers may have noticed, we have shifted our eBay Charity settings. We are now sending our donations to World Central Kitchen, a charity started by celebrity chef Jose Andres to use food to assist in times of crisis. They have provided over 25 million meals to Ukranians, both inside the country and refugees. They also provide culinary training and support for food suppliers in need.
There are so many organizations helping in this crisis, we thought it would be a good idea to periodically shift the charities we are supporting, to "spread the wealth". We have a handful of top-rated charities we have selected, but if you have any suggestions about organizations we can give to, feel free to reply to this message.

Taking a stand: Our response to the invasion of Ukraine

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago, the Russian armed forces invaded the soverign country of Ukraine. At this point, about two million people (mostly women and children) have been forced to flee. Many others have been killed or injured.
We normally try to remain neutral with regards to political issues. However, after some serious discussion, Bookwyrm's Backshelf have decided to take a stand in this case, supporting the people of Ukraine against this barbaric action by Russia.
To that end, on our eBay Store we are donating 10% of our sales to Mercy Corps, a well-established, highly rated charity helping people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries. This applies to ALL OF OUR ITEMS.
Further, on certain items we will donate ALL (100%) of our proceeds. This includes all of the (very few) Russian-language books we have, as well as selected items pertaining to Russia or Ukraine.
It's a small step, a drop in the bucket compared to the needs of the Ukrainian people. We hope we can inspire others to take a stand and do something (small or large). Enough drops in the bucket will fill it up.

Our supply chain has one link. One link only.

You may have heard about various companies having problems filling orders because of supply chain issues. They can't get the merchandise or parts because of foul-ups in Chinese factories, or ships not being able to dock in American ports. Or they can get the part or merchandise, but it's delayed for weeks or months, so are delaying or cancelling orders. No-one stores any significant amount of merchandise anymore, so any disruption in the supply chain quickly fouls things up. Because of these problems, many vendors are raising prices, or limiting order amounts.
I am happy to announce that NONE of that is happening with us. In fact, every single one of our items listed for sale is safely tucked away in our storage facility, located in the United States (in other words, all of our listed items are located on the property). All we need to do when we recieve an order is have the Shipping and Recieving Department (i.e., me) go and retrieve the item from the Storage Facility (the garage), package it, and send it on it's way. No waiting for third-party vendors, no issues with parts or merchandise waiting on ships at sea, and no customs problems for items shipped to the US.
That's not to say we're perfect, of course. On rare occasion something goes wrong and we can't find an item. In that case, we will, of course, refund you or offer other merchandise (worth more than the original) as compensation, along with our deepest apologies.
So please feel free to browse our virtual shelves (on eBay or Bonanza) with the knowledge that the supply chain problems you have heard about in the news don't exist here.

How we're doing during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update on how we're doing during the Coronavirus crisis.
As of this writing, we are all OK. No symptoms. Our area has been locked down for several days now. Other than a shortage of paper products, we are holding out well. Fortunately, we work from home, so our operations are mostly unaffected. If you have any specific questions or concerns about items you've ordered, or other topics, feel free to contact us.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are ill, or those whose lives have been disrupted by this horrible outbreak. We wish you the best of luck, and hope you recover soon.
There is a ton of bad information and misinformation out there. Be careful! Here are a few links to reputable sites, for informational purposes only:
Mayo Clinic Coronavirus page
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus page
World Health Organization Coronavirus page

Hello, World. Welcome to our blog!

Hello, World!
This is the first post on Bookwyrm's Backshelf Official Blog! Welcome, everyone.
This will become the place for information on what's happening at Bookwyrm's Backshelf. So please stay tuned, bookmark this site, and look forward to more.
Happy buying, everyone!